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Curriculum mapping, planning,
and standards alignment tool
for K-12 schools and districts

Design high-quality curriculum plans and organize instructional resources all-in-one-place.

Design curriculum plans
and maps effortlessly

Bring your existing and new curriculum plans and maps to life, collaboratively.

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Neatly organize and find all
your instructional resources
in one place

Categorize and tag teaching materials and instantly search across the district.

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New Lesson
Standards /
Learning Outcomes
Other Lessons
Instructional Practices
Analyze curriculum alignment at
all levels to make better decisions

Use intelligent data-driven Insights to identify gaps and opportunities in your curriculum, to better target student success.

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Access the world's best open educational resources
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Empower teachers to smartly plan lessons
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Align your content, skills, and assessments to Common Core and more
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Empower curriculum

"The features and flexibility OpenCurriculum provides can radically change the way we manage knowledge at all levels."

Rahul Kashyap
Math Curriculum Design and PD manager, Teach For India

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Simple, transparent, and affordable pricing

Upto 3 courses (unlimited units within each course)

Upto 3 libraries

Fully-featured planner

$15 / month

Unlimited courses, libraries

Collaborate with free-tier users

3-business days email support

$1,250 / month

Unlimited users

Unlimited courses and libraries

Custom URL and branded interface, course discovery page

Rich analytics with Insights

Implementation and Integration Bronze plan included

1-business day email & working hours phone support, and a committed account manager

Starts at $50 / month

$5 / user, min. 10 users, max. 200 users

Unlimited courses, libraries

3-business day email & working hours phone support

We offer high-quality training for your curriculum teams, leaders and teachers at competitive costs. We cover knowledge and share tutorials on
(a) getting started and embracing the transition,
(b) understanding the best practices in using the platform,
(c) helping teachers and administrators build a vision for curriculum improvement using the tools.

We apply design thinking practices in our workshops to ensure entertainment in reflective workshops, and not boring lectures.

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Training for the admin (3-hours virtual / dedicated OR at onsite)

2-day onsite training summit for up to 60 participants (incl. T&E to anywhere in the US)

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None ($0)
We make moving from your existing data and curriculum setup very easy for you. We build custom automation from your existing data sources and formats to import your curriculum and content, or manually import it when working with proprietary and locked systems. We also import any custom or previously unsupported learnings standards you use. We work with your IT team through this process to help you lower your costs with larger migrations in future.

Why do we need implementation and integration?

Select a one-time implementation and integration option:


Included in District plan

In-depth review of your existing technology, materials, and a roadmap on how you may implement OpenCurriculum successfully


In-depth review (see Bronze plan)

API access for self-importing

Import of 200 "pages" & 2000 files of curriculum

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for a quote based on your needs

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Designing high-quality curriculum plans has never been easier
Customize curriculum plan
templates or use existing ones

Use existing templates or create your own to build custom Common Core standard maps, unit plans or scopes & sequences.

Built-in feedback and collaboration
captures everyone’s inputs

Engage in rich contextual discussions within your curriculum plans and "like" comments in threads.

Import your existing Word or PDF
plans in minutes

Quickly bring existing curriculum into OpenCurriculum through our easy-to-use editor. Take it away in one of several export formats if you wish to leave.

Empower teachers to make
customized copies of plans with Sync

Give teachers the power to annotate personalized copies of plans, while still getting updated during the year when changes are made to original plans.

Search, browse, and organize instructional materials being used across the district, painlessly
Move away from LMSs like Blackboard and Moodle to share amongst teachers & administrators
Build libraries of instructional resources uploaded to Google Drive and more

Drop-in "live" links to files from Google Drive or Dropbox, or upload from your computer, to assemble rich libraries in no-time.

Tag, sort, label, tag (with standards) and review resources on-the-fly.

Real-time district search across
curricula and supplementary materials

Vaguely remember a lesson made sometime by someone somewhere? Instantly search across years of archive of shared lesson plans, entire units, activities, assessments, etc.

Easily manage permissions (i.e.
who has access to what)

Easily share resources with pre-set groups like PLCs and curriculum committees; we take care of the permissions of original files in places like Google Drive.

Smart-query toolkit to identify gaps & opportunities, and answer your most difficult questions about curriculum alignment and quality
Pick from a predefined set of curriculum insights

Select prewritten insights by curriculum experts from all around the country, placed into six categories

Lose your worries with automagic alerts when expected alignments fail

Define "rules" of what an expected alignment looks like; when they fail during a regular check-up, an alert automagically notifies you over email

Unit plans for teachers in
Setup rules
Test weekly and notify me if it fails
Inbox (1)
[Alert] A pacing insight has failed
Ms. Joanna Rosario's unit "Animals in Wildlife" does not capture all predefined learning outcomes for the given period, based on the unit template used.
The test was run at 8:00am on Monday, 23rd November, 2015.
Tie your curricula and resources across subjects with state standards
Focus on quality with instant linking of content and assessments with local, state and popular standards like Common Core and NGSS.
Simple lesson planning driven by curriculum & instructional goals
Pull in objectives, resources, and activities from your curriculum plans and content libraries onto your differentiated lesson plans, integrated with your Google Calendar.
World’s best open educational resources curated for you
Thousands of curated lesson plans, activities, full units, and more across subjects from leading curriculum publishers.
Import your existing curriculum when you get started
Easily upload your existing print curriculum maps and plans to convert into rich, live, and collaborative web documents.
3 simple steps
Prepare your existing Word & Excel maps, scopes and sequences, and pacing guides for an automagic transformation, saving previous teacher time and manual effort.
Create your template on a spreadsheet
Using the import template design guidelines, lay out rows and columns where the various elements of your existing plan will be dropped in.
Copy-paste the information from your documents
Drop in contents of your existing plan documents into the cells of your new template. You may also automate this process for efficiency.
Upload your Excel and Zip files to OpenCurriculum's importer
Upload entire .zip buncldes of all attachments, or individuals .csv files containing the core contents of your plans. Your uploads first get validated and then, instantly converted.
Alternatively, we can do this for you at reasonable cost. Reach out to us at hello [at] opencurriculum [dot] org to get a free quote for your needs.
Export your entire curricula for another platform at any time

2 months in and the superintendent changes her mind? Download all your personal, school, and district curriculum in an open format for your new tool for free. We never lock you in.

Are you an administrator or publisher?

Do you represent a school, school district or education publisher and are interested in getting a 30-45 mins live demo over video conference?