Our mission is to bring openness and innovation to K-12 curriculum around the world
Our Big Bet
We are dreamers. We believe that absolutely nothing should stop new ideas in teaching and learning from entering the classrooms of tomorrow. We are convinced that a powerful and open medium to share good curriculum is essential to improving K-12 education systems that serve the needs of the individual and society.

Our bet is that this is going to change the way humanity progresses, forever.

Varun Arora
Joseph Mertz
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We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
"...teachers are saving 50 percent of the first time lesson planning and 20 percent of lesson plan revision time"
"Designed to work as a GitHub for educational content, OpenCurriculum is a place where teachers can upload their stuff from anywhere"
"Borrow full lessons from another educator or mash up others' ideas with your own LPs using OpenCurriculum's editor..."
"...OpenCurriculum uses super-simple language and a web-first interface to allow teachers to do the same thing."