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Fulfill your teaching cravings with some Yummy(math) MARS!


Who’s hungry for some extraterrestrial math? For if you are in raising your hand right now, we have some great news for you!

Based on your amazing suggestions, we are now introducing ~30 real life math lessons from Yummymath and 100+ highly-aligned and assessment focused math lessons from MARS’s (Mathematics Assessment Resource Service) Mathematics Assessment Project inside OpenCurriculum’s CCSS Mathematics library. Thanks to the authors of the content, every lesson has very carefully been crafted and tagged to standards to ensure solid coverage, while not compromising one bit on highest levels of creativity.

Subscribe to MARS and Yummymath today for being in the loop on all their future updates and conversations – it’s only going to get better! Also look forward to more amazing lessons and activities from publishers you love and adore in the coming months.

A big thanks to Brian Marks from Yummymath for working closely with us to make this happen!

Varun Arora
Varun Arora is Founder and Executive Director of OpenCurriculum