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New Year and exciting announcements

Over this past year of 2012, we have had a bumpy yet enjoyable experience in creating and releasing a product, and then bringing it down as it failed to meet our and the community’s expectations. It has been hard to digest, but the amount we have learned over this period has given us a tonne of energy to strike back and and give this another shot, a better shot.

During the process, we have been fortunate to make some relationships with people who wish to go out of the way to help us realize this big opportunity. One of such groups is ThrillMill, whose newest program Hustle Den is where we have found our first official incubation. Unlike several other incubators of this nature, Hustle Den has been gracious to support us despite being a non-profit entity. This is important and much appreciated at several levels as this gives us the opportunity to realize our ambitious product goals, much like for-profit entities, without having to partner at unconditional terms. We have moved from our shared workspace in Oakland (Pittsburgh, PA) at Project Olympus, and are now based in East Liberty, Pittsburgh, around a hub of new activity.

What’s even more exciting is the work we are doing to release our new early product out to the public. Our new platform is not only developed using a completely different stack of technologies, but is also very different in terms of the value proposition to our customers. We plan to go into final testing stages by early February and release some parts of our platform between mid and late February. Until then, we are going to use this blog as a means to communicate our progress, so make sure to sync the feeds from this blog to your devices to stay tuned to whatever we are upto. Gracias!

Varun Arora
Varun Arora is Founder and Executive Director of OpenCurriculum