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Introducing: Video lesson remixing with EDpuzzle

EDPuzzle + OpenCurriculum

I am thrilled to share with you our partnership with education technology company EDpuzzle, which allows you to remix any video lesson content on OpenCurriculum. You may remember that until now we only offered you the ability to remix non-multimedia content using our Google-docs like WYSIWYG editor – but now we are opening remix functionality on all our video content and video YouTube or Vimeo video content that you choose to import (through its URLs) into your folders. Clicking on the Remix button on any video instantly takes you into an easy-to-use video editor where you can add your own voice annotations, trim the video, and even add Q&A for your students! All this. For now, we haven’t made a way to bring back this remixed content back into OpenCurriculum (apart from general HTML embedding) – but we are positive to bring this functionality in the future based on your interest.

Big thanks to team EDpuzzle: Quim, Xavi, Jordi and Santi for an amazingly speedy integration and excitement around this.


Varun Arora
Varun Arora is Founder and Executive Director of OpenCurriculum