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Announcing ‘Home’, and a free Common Core math lesson library


Yesterday, we introduced video lesson remixing on OpenCurriculum. But what is remixing content of any use without great content in the first place? I’m psyched to announce OpenCurriculum Home, a window into all great lesson planning and other curricular content for K-12 teachers. While we hope to grow into every single subject out there, we are welcoming you Home with some mathematics appetizers. As a part of this release, we are also releasing of a free (and mostly open source) Common Core math curriculum library of over 5k materials – this is huge! This is one of the largest mathematics K-12 content collections EVER – and it being well-curated makes it all the more special.

Going into the math library, you will find excellent activities from Illustrative Mathematics and Mathalicious, entire amazing lessons from EngageNY and Dan Meyer, exercises from Khan Academy and a lot more. All this content is organized by Common Core standards, ranked by popularity and type, and very easily sortable and filtered.

One of the math libraries

However, probably the most important parts of this library are ones that you might miss if you don’t focus too hard. In any of these curated sets of content, anyone is allowed to post their lessons for the community – and increasingly popular content surfaces to the top. There is also a community Q&A section where you can make specific requests for resources that you are unable to find on the listings. For the first couple of weeks, we guarantee a less than 24 hour response time by someone in our team who will dig up resources you need to get your lesson ready.

Top requests

We truly hope you enjoy this! Like always, waiting to hear from you at hello [at] opencurriculum [dot] org.

Varun, Joshua, Z, Kathy, Shailin

UPDATE 07/29/14: We forgot, but now would like to extend our big thank you to several of the teachers who gave us tremendous amounts of insight in building the product. Some of the people we would like to highlight include: Bridget Mason, Daniel Schneider, Kristin Johnson, Nathan Kraft, Andrew Stadel, Monique Jeffers, Elizabeth Hodges, Susan Creenan, Sarah Hagan, Fawn Nguyen.

Varun Arora
Varun Arora is Founder and Executive Director of OpenCurriculum